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Direct Mail - What is the Turnaround Time for Mailing?
Direct Mail - What is the Turnaround Time for Mailing?

Need to know your Direct Mailing timeline?

Written by Lauren
Updated over a week ago

Print production timing from the initial placing of a Direct Mail order until the mail pieces are dropped off at USPS is a two-week process (10 Business Days). Direct Mail is not a product that we can expedite. Once the mailers are delivered to USPS*, the postal mailing turnaround times begin, please see below: 

  • Presorted Standard - Estimated two weeks with no guaranteed delivery times. (minimum 200 pieces) 

  • First Class - 1-3 Days Guaranteed  (minimum 200 pieces) 

*Once the pieces are dropped off to USPS, they relinquish oversight of the mailing. Primoprint does not have control over any delays or failures to meet a delivery window by USPS.  A variety of issues that we cannot control, including but not limited to equipment failure, weather conditions, etc., may create unplanned delays with your USPS delivery service.

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