Direct Mail is a simple and effective way to reach your target audience.  Following our simple steps, you can have your mail piece arriving within a few weeks.

1. Prepare your mailing list. You can download our Direct Mail template to ensure it is appropriately formatted. Click on the Direct Mail Tab for a full list of downloadable templates.

2. Select “Postcards” or “Brochures & Flyers” from our Product Category list.

3. Choose the stock, coating, and size. If Mailing Services are available for the product you have built, a “Mailing Service” option will be available in the drop-down menu.

4. Choose the facility closest to where the mail pieces will be sent.

5. Upload your files and mailing list, add to cart, and process payment.

6. Once the order is received, it will be sent to production.

7. You will be contacted by a Direct Mail representative via email, to determine your postal class preference (Standard or First Class) and what you would like done if there are any overruns (drop ship or recycle).  Please note: this will not delay or stop production.

8. After we’ve received the above information, we will begin processing your mailing list. We can only process the list for one mailing option (Standard or First Class). If you need both options quoted, there will be a $25.00 list processing fee. Once the USPS Address Verification is complete, we will contact you via email with the final postage costs.

9. Upon approval of final postage costs, your preferred form of payment will be charged.  Once printing is complete, your mailing pieces will be queued for the addresses phase, which is done on an inkjet printer.  This process can take approximately 1-2 business days.  Please note: that we will not begin addressing until postage payment is received.

10. Once the mail pieces have completed addressing, they are then delivered and relinquished to your specified US Postal Service location.

11. The entire process from the order being placed into production to delivery to the US Post Office takes a minimum of two weeks (barring no file issues which will delay the start of production).

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