Full-Service EDDM Samples Requests

Do you want receive samples of your Full-Service EDDM order? See below for all you need to know about requesting Full-Service EDDM samples.

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Can I receive samples of my Full-Service EDDM?

Yes, we can send up to a maximum of three samples.

How do I request my samples?

You can request your samples via the following options:

  • Place the request in the order notes section when checking out.

  • Ask a CSR Representative in chat, email, or over the phone to request them for you.

Can I request samples after my order has been printed and shipped?

No, we need the request submitted before the order completes printing.

Can I receive more than three samples?

No. The samples have unpaid postage printed on them. Due to USPS regulations, we cannot provide you with an abundance of samples with unpaid postage.

What happens to my overruns?

Any remaining overruns are recycled at our print facility. We encourage you to maximize your routes to the closest print run quantities to minimize overruns.

Do I have to pay for my samples?

No. At this time, we send up to three samples at no charge. The samples are sent via USPS First Class Mail. Note, this service does not provide tracking.

Are my samples guaranteed?

No. Although we make every effort to get you the samples you have requested, they are not guaranteed. We do not currently have an automated process built into our coding that allows for the automated segregation of samples. A production employee pulls the samples after cutting, and they are sent to headquarters in bundles with other EDDM print samples. Sometimes the samples are missed due to human error. Sometimes they are sent and lost by USPS or arrive too damaged due to transit errors/weather damage to be sent to the client.

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