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Direct Mail - Purchased Mail Lists FAQ
Direct Mail - Purchased Mail Lists FAQ

Do you have questions about purchasing a Targeted Mail List? We have provided answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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Can I purchase a mailing list if I don't place an order for Target Direct Mail?

No. Mail lists are only available for purchase in tandem with a Targeted Direct Mail order.

Can I purchase a mailing list for my Full-Service EDDM order?

No, Full Service EDDM is a different mail product and is based on choosing postal routes by zip code and does not allow for the in-depth targeting available with Targeted Direct Mailing.

How often are your lists updated?

Leads Please perform rigorous quality assurance tests and clean and update our Consumer & Business databases every 30 days and the New Mover & New Homeowner databases every 7 days to maintain the highest deliverability and accuracy rates possible.

Where do you get your data from for these lists?

Our mailing leads data is provided by a leading respected global information services company. Leads Please hosts the data on their own database servers using their proprietary systems to enable you to quickly and accurately find the potential customers you are seeking.

Can you provide me with an ROI for purchasing a target mail list?

Marketing lists will never be perfect. Although Leads Please goes to great lengths to frequently clean and update our databases, they will always contain a small number of undeliverable mailing addresses, out-of-date information, and data errors that are beyond our control.

  • Consumer Mailing Lists – 95+% Deliverability/Accuracy

  • Business Mailing Lists – 90+% Deliverability/Accuracy

  • New Mover Mailing Lists – 95+% Deliverability/Accuracy

  • New Homeowner Mailing Lists – 95+% Deliverability/Accuracy

*Leads Please guarantee these high deliverability and accuracy rates when you use your list within 30 days of purchase and address your mail appropriately & in accordance with USPS standards.

Why do I have to pay the Direct Mail fee?

USPS requires every address intended for use on a Direct Mail mail piece to be sent through USPS Address Verification. USPS requires this verification to ensure you are not paying for postage to an address that has become invalid due to multiple factors.

Please note, Address Verification is not waivable.

Do you have to run my purchased list through USPS Address Verification?

Yes. USPS requires every address intended for use on a Direct Mail mail piece to be sent through USPS Address Verification. This requirement is due to mailing routes and addresses being updated constantly within the USPS system.

Will my list have to be sent to USPS Address Verification each time I use the list?

Yes, USPS requires address verification for every Direct Mail project, even when using the same mail list numerous times. Your mailing list may come back scrubbed of addresses each time you use it, as the mailing routes and addresses are updated constantly within the USPS system.

Can I use my list more than once?

Yes, you are free to use your list as many times as you would like. Please note that the best results are when the list is used within 30 days of purchase as the mailing routes and addresses are updated constantly within the USPS system.

Will you update my list for free?

No. You will need to purchase a new mail list.

Can I return my list for a refund?

No. Direct Mailing Lists purchased through Primoprint are non-refundable, as stated in the Regulations & Policies Agreement, shown to you when you purchased your list. The Mailing List is not a commodity item Primoprint can return to our data vendor, Leads Please, once purchased.

Can I add addresses to the list?

If you would like to add your address or other addresses to your mailing list, please indicate this in the order comments section at checkout. Or when you are contacted by our mail team regarding your postage class preferences. Any changes made to a mail list once submitted for USPS Address Verification incur a $25.00 reprocessing fee.

Please note, the list reprocessing fee is not waivable.

What is the cost of buying a targeted mail list?

You can view pricing here.

Can I purchase an International List?

No, at this time, Leads Please only offers mail lists for US locations.

I bought a list; where is it?

Your purchased mailing is sent to the email address associated with your Primoprint account. If you do not see that the list in your inbox, please check your spam box. If you still cannot locate the mail list, please contact [email protected].

Why did my purchased list come back with "bad addresses" after USPS Address Verification?

USPS will scrub your Mailing List of any "bad address" as postal routes are updated constantly. Houses that have departed/ new occupants and various other factors may change before a database update. These updates happen on an ongoing process, and lists can and will have updates/variations consistently.

Please note, you will not be charged postage on any addresses deemed "bad" by the USPS.

Do you offer discounts for target mail lists?

No. Mail lists are not eligible for any discounted pricing.

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