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Presentation Folders - File Set Up
Presentation Folders - File Set Up

Need help setting your presentation folder files? We’ve included helpful information and images to ensure your files are correctly set up.

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Our presentation folders are printed on a flat sheet and then converted to shape. Printing single-sided (4/0) would include the front, back, and outside pockets when converted and folded. Double-sided printing (4/4) would consist of printing on the inside of the folders as well. This product has stringent production specifications. Please reference our template file to ensure your artwork is set up correctly for production. You can find templates for all available sizes and pocket options in our template section. 

Templates are clearly labeled to show each panel location and orientation. Below is a 9” x 12” template example. Keep in mind that the pockets appear on the opposite sides of the template as they will when the folders are converted to shape, meaning the right pocket is on the bottom left and the left pocket on the bottom right.

Keep this in mind when ordering a single pocket folder. Since the flaps are inverted on the templates, the artwork for a right-sided pocket will appear on the bottom left side of the template. Using the correct template for your selected options will ensure the proper setup. Below is a single-sided template example with a left side pocket. 

It is also important to extend the bleed on the non-pocket side, if applicable, to the bleed line on the template, or 1/8” beyond the fold line, to allow for any shift during the bindery phases. 

We hope these tips were helpful to you. 

Please know that every file submitted to Primoprint is reviewed by one of our very knowledgeable processing team members. If we see any issues with your files, we will be sure to advise you prior to production. If you still have questions about setting up your file, please reach out to us. We’re here to help.

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