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Packaging of Primoprint Products
Packaging of Primoprint Products

Curious about how your Primoprint order will be packaged and shipped? Below are the details on how we prepare your order for shipment.

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Your items will arrive in one of the following types of packaging, which is determined by the product you order: brown or white corrugated box, padded bubble mailer, or tube mailer.

To minimize waste, your items will arrive inside the packaging mentioned above. There will not be additional boxes within your delivery.

Our package filler is 100% recyclable.  

The shipping team does its best to match the box to the size of the product ordered to reduce the need for filler. We are not able to request specific size packaging from our shipping department. 

We are unable to provide additional boxes or custom boxes.

Sometimes your order may include extra prints. Those are extra from the test print. 

If you have further questions about how we will pack or ship your order, please contact our customer service team. 

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