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A complete list of our tutorial and product comparison videos.

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Below you will find all our tutorials and product videos, from card stock comparisons to file setup and EDDM® tutorials.

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Primoprint Tutorial Videos

Mask File Setup

Learn how to create Spot UV mask files. Keep in mind this file setup also applies to tamped Foil and Inline Foil mask files. 

Business Card Template: Cut Line, Bleed, and Safe Area

Get your print project started with the correct file set up, including dimensions, bleed lines, and color mode. Our templates provide you with the guidelines needed to make sure you meet our production requirements and get the best-printed results. 

EDDM® Route Selection Tool

Our EDDM® Mapping Tutorial walks you through the entire process of choosing certified USPS® mailing routes and zip codes.

Business Card Comparison Videos

Glossy UV, Semi-Gloss, and Matte Business Card Comparison

Unsure about the difference between Glossy UV, Semi-Gloss, and Matte finishes? This helpful video compares these different finishes. 

Raised Foil Business Cards: Holographic, Silver, and Gold

We offer Raised Foil in Gold, Silver, and Holographic options. Available with our Velvet Business Cards, Postcards, Invitations, and more.  

Rose Gold, Copper, and Gold Stamped Foil

Take a side-by-side look at our Rose Gold, Copper, and Gold Stamped Foils. The video will compare the three foil colors.

Stamped Foil vs. Raised Foil Business Cards

Explore the difference between Raised Foil and Stamped Foil. Both options make a dramatic impact when used on Business Cards, Invitations, etc. 

Glossy UV vs. Matte Business Card Stock

Compare our Glossy UV and Matte stocks to figure out which works best for you. UV Gloss provides a shiny coating. Matte offers a dull, smooth appearance.

Raised Spot UV vs. Spot UV Business Cards

Interested in the difference between Raised Spot UV and Spot UV? This video compares the two so you can choose the best option for your next project.

Inline Foil vs. Stamped Foil Business Cards

See the similarities and differences between Inline Foil and Stamped Foil.

Painted Edge Business Card vs. The ModCard

This video compares the two ultra-thick cards we offer: the triple-layered ModCard and Painted Edge Business Card. Both are 32PT thick and make a bold statement!

Standard Business Card vs. European Business Card Sizes

We're taking a side-by-side look at two of our most popular business card sizes. See the Standard Business Card size,t 2" x 3.5", and the European Business Card, which is2.125" x 3.375".

Clear Plastic Business Cards vs. Frosted Plastic Business Cards

See the differences between our 20PT Clear and 20PT Frosted Plastic Business Cards. Note how, on both cards, all printed colors are semi-transparent and there is no white ink.

Choosing Your Rounded Corners

This video highlights the two different size options we offer when it comes to our rounded corner options: 1/4 (.25) inches and 1/8 (.125).

Product Videos: Business Cards

Raised Spot UV Business Cards

Make an impact with Raised Spot UV! With a depth of50 microns, you can truly feel the texture when running your fingers over these cards.

Spot UV Business Card

Spot UV adds an extra touch that's sure to bring attention and compliments. Spot UV is available on our Matte, Inline Foil, Silk, and Velvet card stocks.

Uncoated Business Card with Black Stamped Foil

Elevate your business and brand with foil printing. The following Black Foil Business Cards are printed on 14PT Uncoated card stock. 

Linen Business Cards

Our 100LB Linen card stock provides a distinctive, woven texture that gives cards a cloth-like look and feel.

Inline Foil Business Card Swatch

Inline Foil allows you to create foil with any CYMK color value. We recommend using lighter colors for the best results.

Inline Foil Business Card with a Holographic Look

Our Design Team created this trendy "Holographic Look" using gradients on line Foil stock. Learn how to achieve this look by reading our blog on how to create your files.

French Kraft Business Cards

Our brown Kraft paper contains 30% recycled materials making it a popular choice for individuals searching for an eco-friendly business card or print product. Kraft paper provides a rustic and antique appearance, unlike any other card stock.

Natural Business Cards

Are you searching for an eco-friendly business card option? Look no further! Our 14PT Natural card stock offers a light creme color and is made from 30% recycled materials.

Pearl Metallic Business Cards

Make your business and brand shine with Pearl Metallic Business Cards. These innovative and stylish cards provide a subtle shimmer, unlike any other card stock.

White Plastic Business Cards

White Plastic Business Cards are durable, unique, and innovative. They are printed on 20PT thick plastic and are available in a variety of sizes.

Clear Plastic Business Cards

Printed on 20PT Plastic, these durable cards come with a thin protective film, to ensure they stay perfect until ready to be handed out.

Product Videos: Postcards

Inline Foil Postcard

Take your postcard to the next level with Inline Foil. We're highlighting a 16PT postcard with a creative design celebrating the Chinese New Year! You can see how the gold "pops" off the card.

Product Videos: Trading Cards

Inline Foil with Spot UV Trading Cards

Inline foil allows you to create foiled designs using any CYMK color value, and Spot UV can help highlight specific areas of your design, such as images, logos, graphic patterns, or text.

18PT C1S Trading Card

"C1S" stands for Coating on 1 Side, uncoated on the other. The coated front provides more vibrant colors, while the uncoated back is easy to write on.

Product Videos: Signs

4mm Coroplast vs. 10mm Coroplast Sign

Compare our lightweight 4mm Coroplast and 10mm Coroplast signs. Both options can be printed single-sided or double-sided and offer H-stakes for easy display.  

Product Videos: Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banner Comparison

Compare the different indoor and outdoor vinyl banner stocks we offer: 15oz, 13oz, 8oz, and 10mil.

Product Videos: Stickers

Glossy UV Sticker vs. Short-Run Stickers

Examine the difference between Glossy UV Stickers and Short-Run Stickers, and see a visual comparison of these coatings. 

Product Videos: Roll Labels

Silver Metallic Roll Label

Stand out and shine with our Bright Silver Metallic Roll Labels. With a silver base and option for white ink, the creative possibilities are endless. 

Product Videos: Booklets

Premium Booklet

When you have something more to say, get yourself a booklet! Use them as manuals, catalogs, event programs, or pamphlets. We offer saddle-stitched booklets through our Estimating Department.

Product Videos: NCR Forms

2-Part and 3-Part NCR Forms

See the difference between 2-Part and 3-Part NCR Forms. Available in two sizes, printed full-color, with the option for sequential numbering.

Product Videos: EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®)

What is Full-Service EDDM®? 

It’s an easy, affordable, and effective postcard mailing service offered by the USPS® to reach homes and businesses that matter most. This video walks you through the entire ordering process.

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