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About Your Primoprint Account Dashboard
About Your Primoprint Account Dashboard

You’ll find everything from your account overview to order history on your account dashboard.

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The Dashboard is where all aspects of your Primoprint account can be managed. 

Here you’ll find your Account Overview, Contact Information, Change Password, Address Book, Billing & Payment Info, Active Orders, Order History, and Custom Products. 

Account Overview -  This contains a summary of Current Orders (Active, Missing Files, Pending Proofs and Quality Assurance cases),Credits, Social Media links and Customer support information.

Contact Information - This is where you can update your Email Address, Company Name, First/Last Name, Phone Numbers and enable Text Message updates, as well as manage your subscription to our email list. 

Change Password -  If you’d like to make your password more secure or are just updating, do that here. 

Address Book  -  Your address book contains every single address you’ve input during our ordering process. Set a Default Address, Edit an existing address, Delete a duplicate or Add a new address here. 

Billing & Payment Info - You can save credit card information for quick checkouts. You can set Default, Delete or Create new payment methods here. Primoprint takes security very seriously. Your credit card or bank account information will never be stored on our servers. Instead, it will be encrypted and securely stored with Stripe. 

Active Orders - Look at your active orders and you will see a very detailed summary of your current order(s). Additional tabs include Missing Files, Pending Proofs and QA’s. 

Order History -  An accounts order history shows a very detailed summary of all orders placed with Primoprint. Once an Active Order has shipped, it’ll move into your Order History. 

Utilize the search bar for quickly locating a past order. You can search by Order Number or Job Name only. 

Details shown include: 

  • Date 

  • Time of purchase

  • Size and type of product ordered

  • Quantity

  • Sides printed 

  • Production turnaround time chose 

  • What facility your job printed at 

  • Shipping method selected 

  • Ship to address / blind ship address 

  • Payment method used 

  • Subtotal 

  • Shipping cost 

  • Tax

To view order details and specifications mentioned above, locate an order number, click Open > View Details to expand the box and review specifications. View and download files by selecting View File. 

Reorder - You can reorder a job using the same file specifications and files. 

Problem with your order? Start a Quality Assurance case directly through your Dashboard or on our Quality Assurance page. 

Email Order Details - Need your order sent to yourself or someone else? This is the tab to make it happen. 

Print Invoice -  You can print and/or download invoices here. 

To download a PDF, select Open PDF in Preview > File > Export As PDF. 

Custom Products - This section of your Dashboard contains custom products you’ve created via our Custom Order Request form. Our Estimating Team would have helped you add your custom project(s) here for easy reordering. This tab is enabled only if you’ve worked with our Estimating Team one on one as they’ll let you know once a custom job has been added to your account. Art files are never stored here, you can locate them in your Order History. 

If you have further questions about how to manage details of your Primoprint account, please contact us for assistance. 

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