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Metallic Silver Roll Label Set Up
Metallic Silver Roll Label Set Up

Learn how to properly setup your artwork files for Metallic Silver Roll Labels.

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Setting up your artwork files up for Metallic Silver Roll Labels can be challenging the first time you do it. Our Processing Team has put together some easy instructions below to ensure your files are submitted successfully. 

The stock for this item has a bright silver metallic base so that any CMYK color printed overtop will have a metallic shine. We offer the option of adding white ink to hide the metallic base and produce solid colors as well. The ability to add a white ink mask gives you many opportunities to create dynamic artwork for your metallic labels. 

Choosing to include a white ink option in your artwork will require you to upload a mask file along with your CMYK artwork, please note that these are two separate files. The mask indicates where the white ink will be applied. The mask should be submitted as 100% black (0,0,0,100) where you want the white ink to be applied, and the rest of the file should be white or blank. For the best results, your mask file must be submitted as a vector file and created in a program like Illustrator or InDesign.

The white ink will print first prior to the CMYK color being applied to the labels.  If no white ink is selected, the CMYK color will print directly onto the material producing a foil-like effect, and any white areas will appear as silver. Any color printed over white ink will look solid when printed. 

The design options with Metallic Roll Labels are vast, and knowing how to set up the files properly will point you in the direction of success. If you are ready to order your Metallic Roll Labels, you can do so here.

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