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How to enable text message updates with Primoprint.
How to enable text message updates with Primoprint.

Helpful information to enable text messaging updates from Primoprint. Including how to prevent missed messages about your orders.

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If you want real-time updates on your order via SMS text messages —including essential notes from our file processing team, updates on when your order hits the press and when it ships — below are a few quick steps on how to enable this handy feature.

1. Head over to your Account Dashboard by clicking on your Account Icon in the upper right corner of the page. 

2. Select the Contact Information tab under Account Overview.

3. Enter your Mobile Phone number.

4. Check the Get instant order updates via text message box and select your time zone from the drop down below.

5. Hit save, and your account settings will be updated. Now you’ll never miss a beat with Primoprint.

*Helpful Tip: Text messages from Primoprint will be sent from: (704) 469-5446.

Please save this number in your contacts. If you reply, keep in mind that text messages are not monitored. Instead, please call our Customer Support center at  
(888) 822-5815 or start an online conversation with us using our chat feature. 

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