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Color Profiles: CMYK & RGB
Color Profiles: CMYK & RGB

What is the difference between CMYK and RGB? Find out the difference between them when it comes to your print project.

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CMYK is a color profile designed for print. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black and represents the four ink colors used on a press. Every printed color is made up of a combination of these four ink colors. Saving your file in the CMYK color mode will ensure the most accurate print. 

RGB is another color profile commonly used. However, this profile is created using light rather than ink. Computer screens create colors using red, green, and blue lights. 

Colors on your computer screen are RGB, and always appear brighter than printed colors. These colors are refractive, meaning that they are created by light passing through and have millions of possible combinations.
Printing, on the other hand, uses ink, which is reflective. It is reflective due to light is bouncing off of something instead of passing through. There are not as many color combinations possible with CMYK color.

When files are uploaded to be printed using RGB, our systems will automatically convert them to CMYK. However, we recommend converting the colors yourself. Since all colors do not convert the same, converting the profile yourself allows you to make color adjustments and have a better understanding of the final print outcome.

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