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Creating a Mask File for Raised Foil Printing
Creating a Mask File for Raised Foil Printing

Best practices for successfully creating a raised foil mask file.

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Raised Foil jobs require mask files with your CMYK artwork. The mask shows where the foil is applied. Use 100% black (K) to show where the foil goes. All other areas should be white.

When uploading, please remember to upload one file for your artwork, and a separate one for your mask.

Creating a Mask for Your Raised Foil Project
The easiest way to create a mask for your project is to use your print file. Remove all elements from the file that should not have raised foil print on them.

Next, change the color of everything with foil to black (C0 M0 Y0 K100). There should be no other color in your mask file.

Another option is to create a new file the same size as your artwork. Place the elements to be coated in the identical position as your artwork, and fill them. 

Best Practices for Mask Files

When creating masks, alignment is the most critical part of the process. Make sure your artwork and mask files are exactly the same size, and all shared elements are in the same position.

Because foil differs in application from ink and occurs after the printing process, it shouldn’t be extremely small and thin. Stay away from delicate graphics or thin/small fonts. The minimum font size is 10pt for regular fonts, 12pt for bold or fonts with thick strokes.

For the best results, your mask file must be submitted as a vector file and created in a program like Illustrator or InDesign. Do not include special effects like gradients or drop shadows on your mask, and only use 100% black to indicate where you want the raised foil to appear.

Maximum coverage area is 30% with raised foil. It can increase to a maximum of 50% if the foil coverage is a pattern. Ideally, the size of the area, shape, or image covered with raised foil should not exceed 1in x 1in. Anything above that will make the foil wavy.

Please note when creating your artwork files that there is a potential for a 1/16 artwork shift with this product. 

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