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InDesign Files

A guide on how to work successfully with InDesign Files.

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When working in Adobe InDesign, make sure all images are linked and not embedded. They all should be present and each saved in CMYK. When saving files in CMYK, this ensures output in the correct color profile.

Once your design is complete and ready for print, you’ll want to save your document as a pdf. We recommend going to File > Adobe PDF Presets > [PDF/X-1a:2001]. Then, choose the location and file name for the saved print file and click “save.” 

On the next screen, all default settings are fine. Make sure you have the correct page number selected and if you’ve added bleed settings, include them in the Marks and Bleeds section on the left-hand side. No need to include crop marks. Lastly, hit Export. 

If you have multiple pages in your InDesign document, make sure you either save each page individually or separate each page in Adobe Acrobat. Our system only accepts single page PDF files. 

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