The Business Account Platform
What is the Primoprint Business Account Platform?
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Primoprint has been a trusted resource for thousands of businesses and organizations for many years.  We have recently developed a proprietary platform where businesses can securely access and customize their brand assets and marketing material on our website.

Early Access

The Business Account Platform or "BAP" launched in April of 2018 and is currently available on a limited basis to select business clients.   We will be posting an early access request page shortly but if you can't wait, contact our Business Development team and we will do our best to get you on-boarded soon.

What sets our platform apart? 

•  It's Free.  There's no charge for the BAP or any of the additional services.

•  We built it.  Unlike other third-party solutions, our BAP is fully customizable and can adapt based on the client.   Our platform will have regular updates and will continuously evolve.

•  It's integrated.  It's a part of our site not a standalone, so you still have access to all of our great products.  One account, one login.

•  Easy + Modern.  Our design and proofing system is HTML5 based and doesn't require any training or design skills to use.  

•  Advanced Full Service EDDM.  Pick a Design, add your information and start selecting your mail routes on our advanced mapping tool.  

•  There's more.  We've got to save some of the surprises, right?  

We've been developing the Business Account Platform for over a year and are super excited to be launching it.  We can't wait to show it to you!

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