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File Rotation

How should my files be set up for proper rotation?

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When printing a double-sided card, it is important to understand how the files should be created to ensure proper rotation. Whether your card is horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) the default rotation would be set up so that if you flip the card from left to right (like a book), the artwork and text will be right side up. To achieve this rotation, we print all files "heads up."

So what exactly does heads up mean?
It denotes that the head is the top of the artwork. When we receive a front and back file, we align the top or "head" of each file. In doing this, we will ensure that when you flip the card left to right, it will read correctly.

On rare occasion, a design may call for a top to bottom flip rotation. If you wanted the card to be flipped top to bottom, you would want to rotate the back file 180 degrees before uploading (so that it appears upside down).

We review and inspect the rotation of all files and may contact you about your order if we have any concerns about the file rotation.

The following is a simple visual to show you how the front and back files will come together when printed. If you are still unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification before uploading your files.

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