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Shipping Information and Services
Shipping Information and Services

The goal is to ship quickly and affordably. We've listed everything you need to know about our shipping services and general information.

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Primoprint ships directly from our facilities across the US and Canada as well as internationally. 

Shipping rates are based on package dimension and weight and are determined in real time our website.  You can receive shipping estimates on the product page by selecting a quantity and entering a shipping address without an account or adding the item to your cart.  

Group Shipping
At this time, we offer group shipping on multiple sets of some products that have the same specifications and quantities. All other products are shipped as they complete. Unfortunately, due to the weight and dimensions of various products we are unable to group ship different products and quantities. 

To take advantage of group shipping, you will want to select multiple "sets" of the same product on the product page.  If group shipping is available, you will be asked if you would like to ship all of the sets to the same location.

Packaging / Drop Shipping / Blind Shipping
All packages are shipped in unmarked boxes without invoices or packing slips.  The only reference to Primoprint is the mandatory return address on the shipping label.  
You can replace the return address with your business or another name and address by selecting "Blind Ship" to completely hide the source of the product.

P.O. Boxes
We are unable to deliver to a P.O. Box, therefore you must provide a valid residential or business address for delivery.

Shipping Accounts
At this time Primoprint does not provide an option to apply shipping charges to your account or to use the carrier of your choice. 

Local Pick Up
At this time Primoprint does not offer local pick up service from our manufacturing facilities.  

Address Verification
Our website is equipped with an Address Verification system that checks all addresses for accuracy. Please make sure that the address is spelled, abbreviated and submitted with the correct suite, unit, street number, and zip code.

Any packages returned or re-routed if the incorrect address is provided are subject to reshipment fees.

International Customs Fees
All international customers are responsible for paying the customs fees (i.e., taxes, duties, etc.) to the carrier upon receiving the order. 

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