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Stamped Foil File Setup

Learn about Stamped Foil. How to set up your artwork, mask file, and color options. We've included image examples with the mask files.

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Traditional metallic stamped foil is available on our silk laminated card stock (with or without spot UV) as well as our 14PT uncoated stock.  

Foil Colors
Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, Black, Green, Blue, Soft Pink and Hot Pink

You can select one foil color per card. It can be applied to the front, back or both sides of the card.  You cannot have multiple foil colors on the same card.

File Setup
•  Foil mask files are set up just like our Spot UV mask files.  

•  The Mask file will contain only black (C0, M0, Y0, K100) to represent where the stamped foil will be placed.

•  Any artwork, text or design that will be foil stamped should be removed from your print file.

•  You may choose to have stamped foil and spot UV on the same card, but the foil and spot UV cannot overlap or touch as the hot foil will melt the spot UV application.  We suggest a gap of 1/16" inch between foil and spot UV.

•  We do not recommend foil for small or delicate fonts or design elements.  

•  For best results, please ensure that the foil coverage is less than 50% of the artwork area and does not have an excessive bleed.

•  Stamped Foil can shift up to 1/16" in any direction during the stamping process.

Example Files

Here is what the files would look like to print the card in the photo above.  

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