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EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail)
Full Service EDDM® vs Print Only EDDM®
Full Service EDDM® vs Print Only EDDM®

Which option is best for your business? We provide a detailed explanation of the differences between Full-Service EDDM® and EDDM®-Retail.

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Print Only also referred to as EDDM® Retail (EDDM-R)

• We print the postcards and ship them to you.
• You create an account with the USPS® and select your routes on their website.
• Complete your USPS® paperwork and pay for your postage on the USPS® website.
• Once you receive your postcards, you will need to prepare each route

bundle with facing slips.

• You deliver the postcards to the post office.
• Maximum of 5,000 postcards per day can be sent

Full Service EDDM®

• Do it all from our website!
• Select an estimated in-mailbox delivery date and mail routes.
• Upload your files or have our Design Team create a unique design for you.
• Review your order and complete your checkout ( postcards, service fee, and

postage included at check out).
• We handle the print, processing, and delivery to the post office.
• No limit to the number of postcards that can be sent.

Cost Savings and Advantages of Full Service EDDM®

  • Full Service postage is lower than Print Only EDDM®

  • Save time and hassle, no need to create facing slips or bundles for drop off at the post office.

  • No Sales Tax

Please note: Full Service EDDM® is not currently available for PO Boxes. Full Service EDDM® Postcards can only be delivered to homes and businesses. PO Boxes may become available in the future.

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