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"DIY" Every Door Direct Mail. Helpful information and guidelines that you'll need to know about EDDM® Retail (Print Only).

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If you are mailing Every Door Direct Mail® "Retail" yourself at the post office, you can mail as little as 200 pieces and as many as 5000 in one day.  If you need to mail more than 5000 postcards, you will need to set up a separate mailing form and return the following day to the post office according to the current USPS® rules and regulations for Every Door Direct Mail®.

Who can I mail EDDM® to?
With Every Door Direct Mail®, you can mail to all homes and businesses in the US within a selected mailing route.  Each zip code is comprised of many different routes.  Each of these routes contains approximately 300-600 homes and businesses. This gives you the ability to target specific homes and businesses within a particular area.

Please note: Full Service EDDM® is not currently available for PO Boxes.  Full Service EDDM® Postcards can only be delivered to homes and businesses.  PO Boxes may become available in the future.

Every Door Direct Mail® differs from traditional direct mail service in that you do not need to pay for a list or additional mail service, addressing, etc. Once you receive your postcards, you simply take them to the post office, select the carrier routes, submit your paperwork, and pay for your postage.

Can I exclude business addresses with EDDM®?
Yes, with  EDDM® Retail you can choose to exclude all business addresses from your EDDM® mailing so that only residences will receive your EDDM® postcards.

Full Service EDDM®:  While on the mapping tool, you can check the box to remove all businesses.

Print Only EDDM®: When completing the USPS® paperwork, you can select only residential routes. Then, you just need to change the endorsement (the addressee) to "Local Residential Customer" on your postcard. By doing so, the carrier will know you want to omit businesses from your mailing.

Can I use EDDM® to mail to businesses only?
No.  USPS® does not offer this option.

What is the difference between Print Only EDDM® and Full Service EDDM®?
Print Only also referred to as EDDM® Retail (EDDM-R)

• We print the postcards and ship them to you.
• You create an account with the USPS® and select your routes on their website.
• Complete your USPS® paperwork and pay for your postage (17.6¢ per home).
•  Once you receive your postcards via UPS, you will need to prepare bundles with

facing slips for each mail route.
• You deliver your postcards to the post office.
• Maximum of 5,000 postcards per day can be sent.

Full Service EDDM®

• Do it all from our website!
• Select an in-mailbox delivery date and mail routes.
• Upload your files or have our creative team create a unique design for your business.
• Review your order and complete your checkout, including postage.
• We handle the print, processing, and delivery to the post office.
• No limit to the number of postcards that can be sent.

What is the proper placement of the EDDM® Retail Indicia?
This applies to EDDM® Retail (Print only), not Full Service EDDM®

• Place the EDDM® Retail Indicia in the upper right-hand corner of the mail piece.
• Leave 1/8" space from the top and right edge.
• Should fit in the area 1.625" from the right edge and 1.375" from the top edge.
• No specific size requirement, but must be larger than .5" x .5".
• The font must be in all caps and minimum 4-point size.

EDDM® Indicia & Assets
You can download the EDDM® Retail Indicia here.
The USPS EDDM® Quick Reference Guide is Available here.
EDDM® Templates can be downloaded here.

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