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Blind Shipping

We've included some helpful information about blind shipping and how to choose it when placing an order.

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Every package is drop shipped in an unmarked box or container from our production facility without any marking or logos.  Additionally, we do not include any packing slips, receipts, invoices or promotional material in any package.

Blind Shipping
If you would like to ship the order directly to a client of yours without them knowing it is coming from us you can select Blind Shipping.  Choosing Blind Shipping will remove the Primoprint address from the return address on the shipping label and replace it with your business, or the name and business of your choice.

After selecting the shipping address, you can select Blind Shipping and choose any address from your address book, or add a new

The address you select will now display as the return address on the label as if the package was shipped from you instead of from Primoprint.

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