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NCR Forms

We've included detailed information about our full-color carbonless documents including artwork files, variable numbering, and more.

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NCR Forms are multi-part forms made with carbonless copy paper that allow multiple copies of a handwritten or impact printed document to be created simultaneously. Primoprint offers 2- or 3-part duplicate carbonless forms in a variety of sizes. We also provide variable numbering when provided with a data file.

NCR Form Product Information
• 0.25" margin on the short edge (usually the top) where the parts are glued together
• No bleeds
• One-sided printing only

File Types with Variable Numbering
NCR artwork can be submitted as a JPG, TIF or PDF. Data files must be in CSV (comma delimited) format. The data file may have up to 5 digits or characters per record.

Artwork Files: JPG, TIF, PDF
Data Files: CSV

Variable Numbering Font, Size, and Ink Color
The default font for variable numbering is 14pt Calibri, black ink only. If your background images are dark, you may need to knock out the background image in the numbering areas, so that the numbers are visible.

Font: Calibri
Size: 14pt
Ink Color: Black 

CSV Data File Set Up
There are four areas you can choose to have numbering included on your NCR forms. In your data file, indicate which areas you would like to use by naming the Column Headers on your CSV Data File with the corresponding Area Name.

For more information on setting up your data file, see: Creating an NCR Data File with Leading Zeros

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