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Custom Design service from our in-house team.

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While we accept customer files to create custom printed products, Primoprint also offers professional graphic design services for more complex projects.

All our designers work directly for Primoprint; we do not outsource any of our design work. Having in-house designers allows us to keep our pricing fair and competitive. It also means that our designers are experienced with our production capabilities and know-how to create files that work for your project.

After your print order has been placed, you may receive all original, editable artwork files, as requested. (Due to copyright laws, we are not able to supply downloaded stock photos, but we would be happy to send you the site link.) We'll also store all artwork in our archives for easy modifications and future orders.
Every Primoprint design customer communicates directly with the designer to ensure a complete understanding of your preferences and needs. If you're not happy with your design, you can work with another member of our design team at no additional charge or receive a full refund.

In addition to custom design, our design team can help with problem files, recreation, logos, and branding.  

Visit our design service page for more information or to start your project.

Please note that we don't design for printers other than ourselves due to differences in prepress setup, color process, equipment, and stocks that may result in unexpected or unintended outcomes. Our design fee structure also considers the job printing within our own facilities, which is how we can offer quality work at an affordable rate. Artwork files designed by our team are only released once a job has been printed with Primoprint.

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