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Print Order Status

When placing your order, you'll receive updates in real time. We've included a brief description of each status.

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Order and individual job status updates are provided in real time and update throughout the day.  As each job ships, we send an email with tracking information.

Click the account tab and select active orders to see an overview of all of your current orders.  Select any order to view all individual jobs within the order.

The following is a brief description of each status:

We have received your order and files.  During regular business hours, your order will be inspected shortly and moved into production unless we have any concerns.  If you place your order after hours, we will update your order on the next business day.

Pre Flighting
Our file processing team is reviewing your files to ensure that everything is perfect prior to production.  

Your order is currently with our Design Department.  Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about your design order.

We have provided proofs for you to review which are awaiting approval.  Your order will not print until all files have been approved.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

OK to Print
Our team has reviewed your files and your order, and everything is ready to go!

The order has been moved into the production queue and will begin real-time production updates shortly. 

On Hold
Your order is currently on hold.  Please contact us.

Waiting for Files
We have received your order and have either not received your files, or the files that you provided are not print ready.  We inspect all files and alert you via email about any concerns we may have prior to printing your order.  Please contact us if you have questions about your order or files.

QA | Quality Assurance
If you have concerns about an order or have submitted a QA ticket, the job will remain in this status until we can get the matter resolved for you.

The order has completed and either shipped or been mailed.

The order has been canceled and refunded prior to production.


Batch Imposition
Your print files have been assigned to a group or "batch" of jobs to be printed on the same press run.  This master digital document is being prepared to be sent to the pre-press department plate maker in preparation for printing.

Batch Prep
Your print files are being assigned to a print batch based on paper stock, finish, options, and production facility.

This is a broad status that can cover a wide variety of post-press services including scoring, folding, die-cutting, booklet assembly, envelope conversion and more.

Bindery Complete
Your job has completed bindery services.

Production of your order has completed.

Complete: Discarded
On occasion, a client will request that we discard a job prior to shipment for a variety of reasons.  

Complete: Mailed
Direct Mail and EDDM postcard orders have been delivered to the post office.  This is not confirmation that the postcards have been delivered to the mailboxes by the USPS.

Complete: QC Reprint
After production completed, we discovered an issue with the product prior to packaging and initiated a priority reprint.

Complete: Shipped
Your order has completed and has shipped.

Your order is currently in our cutting department.

This is a broad status that can refer to a variety of specialty services including foil stamping, spot gloss or other special finishes.  

Your Direct Mail order has been printed and is moved to the mail department.

Mailing Addressing
Your Direct Mail order is addressed and sorted

On Hold
Your order is currently on hold.  Please contact us.

On Press
Your order is currently on-press being printed.

Your order has completed and is currently in our packing department pending shipment after passing quality assurance inspection.

Your order has been plated and is in the queue to go on the press.

Post Press
Your order has completed the printing process and is ready for the next step.

Lamination is applied after printing, before any additional finishes or cutting.  This status means that your order is currently in lamination.

UV Coating
Flood or spot gloss UV coating is applied after printing.  This status lets you know that your order is receiving UV Coating.  (Note: on occasion, orders without spot gloss may be on the same press run as those with spot gloss.)

Sent to Reprint
Due to quality concerns or other possible issues, your order has been sent to reprint. 

Your order is being prepared for shipment.  You will receive tracking information via email shortly.

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